Good CME Practice is a Cause We Should All Fight For

Deep down, people have to trust their doctors. And doctors have to trust their patients. This is true no matter what type of medical professional you’ve become. The way people want to trust their professionals is knowing that the pro has taken the time to get educated on all of the things that have changed within their specialty. Of course, the reality is that no one can know every single thing going on. Continuing education is designed to give you the best information in a format that you can understand.

Unfortunately, good CME practice goes out the window when it comes to these so called conferences that are supposed to let people know what’s really changing in their field. A lot of times continuing education credits are a joke, given out just because you attended the seminar. We have to demand higher standards in the healthcare field, otherwise the patient public at large will begin to lose trust and go with non-scientific, inconsistent methods to heal themselves. That’s what happens when public trust goes out the window.

But it’s not just a matter of saying all of the right words and then not taking action. We have to look at the current standards, and actually talk with our medical professionals as well. Deep down, no one is trying to actually cheat anyone out of the hard work that they’ve already put in. We also know that the average doctor’s schedule is getting longer and longer, with a demand to see even more patients in far less time.

The solution is to make this a team effort, with doctors and the best and the most innovative of the CME world working together to take care of the patients in the long run.

Doctors also have to be willing to face criticism for the problems of the past. By only getting credit through attendance, they have cheated themselves out of learning what’s really going on. Over time, this can lead to getting further and further behind on some really key issues.

Patients shouldn’t have to think about CME, because it’s not their job to uphold the spirit of the convention. Just because you get the credits doesn’t mean that you’ve upheld the real meaning of going to the convention in the first place.

By standing up for CME, doctors are standing up for patients. By standing up for patients, patients in turn feel that they should turn inward and focus on their health a lot more than they are currently. In a world where everything is about convenience and takeaways, it’s nice to know that we might have to slow down and really think about what everyone is talking about, what people want, and how we’re going to deliver it to them.

Naturally, that goes beyond just good CME practice group theory, but life skills that uplift us all. We don’t know about you, but we want to be able to look back at this moment in time and know that we stood for something great. That’s why this blog is here: weĆ­re going to talk about CME, health, the medical industry, and how we can all work together to improve the patient condition. We hope that you’ll check out our other articles as well.