Is Continuing Education Meaningless

The current state of continuing education is one that’s changing, but for some people…it’s not changing fast enough. They’ve facilitated plenty of workshops and other classes that were designed to help professionals get the ongoing education that they needed. But did everyone walk out of those corporate-paid sessions on equal footing? Absolutely not. Some people came with the right intentions: they were going to learn about a new technique or a new concept within their field, and they would be able to use that knowledge to better serve their industry. However, other people would come to these sessions to just check it off their list, and then move on to what they really wanted to do.

As content designers, we have to answer the real questions. And this is just one of many, but it’s the topic of the moment: is continuing education meaningless?

continuing education

Some would agree that it is. After all, their eyes are looking at the crowds that aren’t applying the information. They conclude that since some people aren’t using the information in a positive manner that means that everyone is treating it the same way. That’s not the way that you want to impact your world if you can help it. We think that it would be best if you looked at the subject of continuing education a bit deeper.

Let’s set aside the fact that most continuing education is based on licensing requirements. If we tabled the topic of government’s involvement in professional registration, we still have an ongoing need for knowledge. The medical field is one that always has ongoing innovation because plenty of people are focused on making life not only longer, but better in more ways than one. Doctors want their patients to not only feel less pain, but get out of the hospital sooner. There are a thousand different approaches, and the road ahead is made even more complex by the fact that there are so many unique medical cases to consider.

We should care about the quality of continuing education, because we have a chance to speak up for the millions of people that will be affected by these changes. healthcare is just one industry that changes based on new information. What about car repairs, or insurance sales? Even though people don’t think about their vehicles that much, new technology can come into play that would help them stay even safer over the road. That’s the type of topics that we should look into, rather than just attrition rates. We also need to get better at testing class participants on what they’re learning, as well as being more open to feedback. It can be frustrating to deal with somewhat negative feedback after months and months of preparation for a workshop, but the criticism can only make you stronger.

Be sure that you’re always looking for the positive in every situation. Continuing education isn’t meaningless, and there are plenty of strategies to make it better for all parties involved.