4 natural ways to stop psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease that is normally due to genetics. This is usually a life long problem that causes the skin to develop thick, silvery, white, or red patches. This skin disorder occurs when your immune system malfunctions and causes an overproduction of new skin cells. This rapid growth of new skin cells on the skin surface will cause the formation of thick patches.

Just imagine if you were suffering from psoriasis for 20 something years and the plaque builds up and starts taking over your life. It will cover your entire hands and feet, and make it almost impossible for you to move around without experiencing some pain. However, in the beginning stages of psoriasis most people don’t experience pain and mainly want to get rid of it because they are embarrassed.

home remedies psoriasis

Nobody really knows why psoriasis runs in some families and why it is passed from parents to their children. If you have psoriasis some things that can make your skin condition worse include:

Dry skin
Other Skin Infections
Some Medications
Dry Weather
Stressful situations

Unlike a lot of other skin conditions psoriasis is not contagious. If you notice red patches, or your skin begins to scale you may have psoriasis.

Home remedies for psoriasis are much cheaper than going on regular doctor visits. These natural remedies may not fully cure your skin disorder but they will quickly provide you with the relief you need so you wont have to deal with them that much. Check out these 4 home remedies you can use to treat your psoriasis naturally.

Plastic Wrap

Wrapping your skin with saran wrap before you go to bed at night has proven to be an effective way to loosen the scales so you can remove them easily in the morning. Take a shower and then dry yourself off. Now apply some Vaseline to the affected areas on your skin and then use the saran wrap to wrap yourself up.

You may feel a little uncomfortable sleeping with the plastic wrap but sleeping with psoriasis isn’t easy either. Remove the plastic wrap when you get up in the morning and rinse off the affected areas. After the 3rd night of doing this home remedy you will notice a big difference.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been known to help treat a wide range of skin problems including rashes, severe dryness, eczema, and of course psoriasis. Coconut oil is a natural skin moisturizer that will make a big difference in how your skin feels and looks. The best way to use the oil is to add a tablespoon or two to your meals throughout the day. Along with consuming the oil you should also apply it directly onto the patches on your skin using a cotton ball. Within a few days your skin will start to feel softer and your patches will even out. Make sure you get cold pressed coconut oil next time you’re at the store.

Alkaline Water

Drinking alkaline water will hydrate and help your skin start looking normal again. You can add 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda to a glass of water and drink. You can also add the juice of one lemon to a glass of water and drink. The acidity of the baking soda and lemon will turn the water alkaline. Along with drinking the alkaline water you should also apply it directly to the patches on your skin. The alkaline water will go to work treating the inflammation and after a few days your skin will start looking better.

Epsom salt Baths

Epsom salt has been known to be a very effective home remedy for psoriasis. Taking 3 epsom salt baths each week will help clear up scales and stop any itching. Follow the instructions on the epsom salt and add it to your warm bath water and sit in it for 15 minutes. Make sure all the infected areas on your skin are submerged under the water as you soak in the tub. Once you get out dry yourself off and apply some olive oil to the psoriasis.