Everything You Need to Know About HPV

What is HPV?

First of all, HPV is them, not only it. HPV – Human papilloma virus – is a group of viruses. Contrary to some other STIs, such as chlamydia, which is bacterial, this one has has symptoms produced by viruses. HPV comes in a variety of types, differing in preference as to which body part they are attacking.

Generally HPV infect skin and mucous membrane. Among other areas, the following may be infected:

  • cervix
  • anus
  • mouth and throat

There are about 100 types of HPV, however, only about 30 of the virus types attack genital areas, and are therefore considered to be causes of STIs, strictly speaking. Those also happen to be one of the most dangerous of HPV types.

While others cause warts or verrucas, minor skin problems, that are quite common and rather easy to deal with, STI-types of HPV can have severe impact on health, including linkage to several types of cancer, both in men and women. So, watch out for these!

HPV prevalence

In UK, a type of HPV is present in one third of all population. There’s good chance that you’ll come across it at some point in your lifetime. In England in 2016 alone 62,721 people were tested positive for HPV.

Currently, the prevalence of certain – dubbed the most dangerous – types of HPV is currently modified in the UK by Public Health England’s programs of wide vaccination coverage. More information on the effects of the vaccine, and the further suggestions, below. (more…)